Not sure on your ring size? We can help!

Do you know your ring size?

If you don’t, it’s OK, I couldn’t have told you mine either before I started working with rings literally every day. But since you’re reading this blog and maybe doing some online shopping, it’s important to make sure your new favorite ring is the perfect fit!

There are a few different ways you can figure out your size, and you can do most in the comfort of your own home. Before you get started, here are a few tips to get the most accurate measurement.


  • Keep the temperature in mind. When you’re warm, your fingers tend to swell a little and when you’re cold, they may compress. Before measuring, I recommend making sure your hands are room temperature so you don’t sway too far either way.

  • Avoid other weird factors that can impact sizing. Salty foods, exercise, humidity, and things that might cause water retention can skew your measurement. So keep that in mind if you’re getting ready to size your finger!

  • Make sure your ring size will be snug enough. You definitely don’t want to wear a ring that is too tight on your finger, but it should require a gentle tug to remove. You don’t want your ring to be so loose that it accidentally slips off, BUT…

  • When in doubt, go big. If you notice you fluctuate a little between two ring sizes (maybe depending on weather, water retention, etc.), it’s best to choose the larger of the sizes. Getting your ring stuck on your finger is never good, and it’s always easier to resize rings down rather than up!

  • Consider the width of the band. With Quicksilver pieces, for instance, the wider bands (6 gauge) will often fit a bit more specific to the size listed for each ring. Meanwhile the thinner bands (10 or 12 gauge) are a bit more flexible to accommodate more fingers, and most people can usually wear a ring that is listed up to half a size larger or smaller than their actual size.

  • Measure yourself more than once. I’ll list a few methods for finding your measurement below, and I would recommend giving all or at least a few of them a shot. It’s worth the few extra minutes to double-check your sizing and see if you get a consistent number!


1. Printable Ring Sizer

The Knot has an awesome printable sheet you can use to find your size! Print the chart, and make sure it’s printed to size by selecting “Scale 100” on your printer options. Place your ring over each circle until you find the one that best lines up with the inside edges.

2. Paper Strip

On The Knot’s same printable sheet, there is a cute little paper sizer at the bottom that you can also use. Cut it out and split open the line near “Your Size.” Slip the tip of the ring sizer through that slot and place it on your finger. Pull it tight enough that it fits comfortably without being too tight, read the finger size, and voila!

3. String Sizer

All you need for this method is a piece of string. One thing to note. String can stretch, so try not to pull too much on it in order to keep your measurement accurate. Wrap a string around your finger and cut it where the ends overlap. Then just line it up with the sizes on the printable sheet and find the size that is the best match.

4. Visit your local jeweler!

If you have a jeweler in your area, pop in and ask them to measure you! And if you ever run into me at a craft market, just say “Hey! I’m your #1 fan and read your blog, tell me my ring size.” I always carry my ring sizer with me at shows :)

I hope that helps! Always feel free to message me if you have any questions, and I’m happy to help you find the perfect fit for you or a loved one!

Julie Erickson