Happy Holidays from Quicksilver!

It’s been a busy holiday season over here!

If you’re looking at something in the shop as a potential holiday gift, I would recommend placing your orders by December 10th! That’s the last day I can guarantee your order will arrive in time for the holidays, but my shop will still be open until December 21st if you need to place any orders past that deadline. There’s always expedited shipping options if you need to get any last-minute gifts after the 10th :) Just shoot me a message before placing your order and I can set up a faster shipping rate for you!

A quick note: The shop will be closed December 21st through 28th while we visit family on the west coast. So if anyone has recommendations on fun holiday things to do in northern California, hit me up :)

We celebrated the start of December by launching the 2018 Winter Line of sterling silver rings. I’ve wanted to design an ombré line for forever, so I decided to take a leap and use that idea for this line, and I’m so beyond happy with the results.

I started my jewelry business doing traditional metalsmithing with sterling silver, so it still holds a special place in my heart even though I primarily work with electroformed copper nowadays. That’s why every three months or so, I release a new line of sterling designs!

This line is all about an icy blue palette, and the stones included in the line are rainbow moonstone, aqua chalcedony, larimar, blue kyanite, sodalite, and lab sapphire. Each design has one ring ready to go in the shop, but I always like to keep a few extra stones set aside in case anyone needs a design in another size. Shoot me a message if you would like to claim one of these extra stones for a custom order!

Hope everybody has an amazing end to 2018, and thanks for all your support this year!

Happy holidays,


Julie Erickson